Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Summitted Katahdin Sept 23rd 2009! I made it and am so excited to be completing this marvelous journey. It was a very foggy, rainy, cold day atop the mountain. But the thrill of emotions were indescribable during the descent. Thanks for following my journey. I hope to get pictures up soon so check out my facebook profile for those

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's been so long since I've written I can hardly call this a blog anymore. For all those following and thought I stopped hiking, nope still here! i can't believe it either sometimes. I really haven't been near a computer to be honest but I am now and updating you all on my progress, if I even have any followers left. Oops. Currently I am in Cheshire, MA staying at a hobby farm for the night and trying to stay out of the rain that we've had the last month on the trail. I will be in Vermont in two days which leaves three states left, the hardest three but I prettiest three and that means we're almost finished. YES! I'm tired... None the less having such a great experience out here. But no I do not want to go live in the woods after this, I don't even know if I'll ever go camping again. The weather says rain for the next week, the coldest and wettest summer New England has ever seen is the news on the streets. Bummer. Two days ago I sat down and ate a bagel with tuna in the pouring rain, soaking wet and just laughed at really what the hell I am doing. Well gotta go, pizzas here. I'm starving all the time. Till next time remember you can go inside when it rains I can't...........:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

700 miles and 1/3 of the way to Katahdin, Daleville, VA

As I said before it is difficult to find the time to blog. Getting into a town means, resupplying food for the next stretch, showering, laundry, eating, organizing, socializing, and trying to relax. We've hiked some long miles in the last month. Our first 20! But we've also relaxed some to. Four zeros days. That means zero hiking. I find these very important as to not get burned out but sometimes hard to get back in the swing of things. Virginia is beautiful! Wild flowers everywhere are starting to bloom. We've walked through fields of wild ponies at Mt Rogers, pastures of cows and donkeys, stumbles across a rattlesnake sunning on the trail, and picked over a hundred morel mushrooms. We were actually giving them away at one point because we had eaten so many. Took a detour hike to a winery and biked the Virginia Creeper trail downhill for 17 miles into Damascus. Loving life....... check back for more updates.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

400ish miles and a new trail name... Nutmeg ... final

We are 3 1/2 days from Damascus, VA. That's exciting!!! We're making some progress.. The terrain is starting to roll alittle more and I just know that summer is around the corner which means warmth. I am really over the freezing cold weather. We woke up to snow one morning last week atop Roan Mountain, the highest shelter on the AT. A 70 mph wind and rain storm atop a couple mt balds and more rain for the next two days. Over it! Met up with the family last week and ate some amazing food for three days and had a great visit. Thanks for the surprise! We've been moving along pretty good pushing 13 to 16 miles/day. I've been keeping up with my duty of building nightly ragers(which I why i came out here). We have come across some really awesome people in the last couple weeks. the kindness has been uplifting....

Thanks Mom, Dad, Becky, Nate, Truman, Aunt Jinny, and Lilly!


Friday, March 27, 2009

270 miles, 27 days, and 1 man down

Well it seems to be a little more difficult than I thought to get to a computer. But I'm at one now at the Standing Bear Farm in TN, just past the Smoky Mountains. We are taking a zero day here after getting in yesterday to get dried out, heal blisters and sore bodies, eat, and relax. Since I've been here I've taken an outdoor shower, handwashed my clothes on a washboard, and had four cokes. Since I last blogged, up until the last two days, the weather has been sunny and hot and excellent visibility. The last two days we're rainy in the Smokies which seems to be the norm in that mt range. The wind was crazy strong blowing trees over from the roots. I got a bit nervous walking over some of the ridges which literally scaled tops of mountains. I ran past a couple sketchy spots. No signs of bears yet even though the shelters had fencing around to keep the bears out. Apparently in the past people would stay in the shelter and leave food to bait the bears behind the fence, so they are starting to take all the fencing out to leave the hikers to fend for themselves. I haven't seen much wildlife, a few birds, a harmless snake, chipmunks, a turkey and mice(they love to run through the shelters at night over your sleeping bag looking for crumbs), you get used to it after awhile. The turkey we named Crystal for some reason and she loves cheeze its and dried apples. We wrote about her in the log book and keep hearing about Crystal from other hikers. It's pretty amusing. We tried to bait her to follow us but it seems she loved her spot in the Smokies. Everyone hiking goes by their trail name. I'm Miss Moosey, Loretta is Lil Dipper, Jenny is Billy Hoot, and Dick was Rancid Crabtree. Rancid Crabtree decided to go home at Fontana Dam via Greyhound. We've met some many people on the trail, we pass, they pass us, etc. Every shelter has a log that you can keep track of where everyone you meet is, where they're heading, how they're doing and so forth. Word and Gossip travels fast out here up and down the trail, it's trail facebook:) We re heading to Hot Springs, NC next and should be there in three days. I'm definitely looking forward to the hot tubs, another zero day and doing laundry in a modern fashion because I did a shitty job on the washboard. It's great to read all your comments and feel your support. Love ya

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 days,66 miles, and 40lb pack later

We have been on the trail for 10 days nows. It's been a rough start. My pack easily weighed 40lbs by the time we stared. I guess those few extra things I threw in really added up. We started off the first night in a 10 degree snow storm on top of Springer Mt. Everything was frozen, I mean everything. It only got warmer from that day forward but if I had a ride out of there that day I would have taken it. I found out why the first 30 miles are the hardest. Because you just aren't prepared for any of this, the weather, come on were in Georgia I was thinking 60's and 70's suntan, yeah right! If you're not hiking Up you're hiking Down, never ever flat. You're hot from going up, your're cold from going down. I slept and hiked in the same thing for 4 days because I couldn't bare to have my skin touch the cold air. Oh my fingernails, nasty! The food is actually not that bad. You are just so hungry and in need of energy that anything sounds good. We are in a Hiawassee, GA for the night and our first day off to rest before crossing into North Carolina and heading into the Smokies. There are all kinds or people out here hiking. Most people are out here alone or as a couple. Our group of 4 plus a dog seems to be a bit unusual. We seem to know most people at camp every night as we all pace ourselves up the trail. We've been going 8ish miles a day and yesterday made our first 12 mile day. My legs are wobbly at the end of the day, like jello. I feel good and I'm getting stronger everyday though. Everyone in the group is healthy and injury free and using hiking poles:). 6 days till we are in another town.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pack Inventory

Here is a list of things I will be starting out with in my pack. Keep in mind there are three others in the group and we intend on sharing the load so I am not carrying everything I need. In fact I am probably carrying a lot of things I don't need but I' prepared to find that out later.

hiking poles
six moon lunar solo tent (uses one hiking pole)
tyvek (footprint)
sleeping bag 15 degree
sleeping pad
first aid kit
H2O filter
steel cup
pacmocs (water/lounge shoes)
2 trash bags
leatherman skeletool
duct tape
laundry soap
chamois towel
3 socks
3 underwear
sports bra
running shorts
zip-off pants
2 thermal shirts
2 thermal pants
thermal tights
down jacket
button/wet/dri shirt
rain coat
rain pants
hiking boots
8lbs food to start

Pack weighs 27lbs